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OrgaNicer is

Your meeting and event agency

We know it well

The thing about being busy

Because you are busy when you organise events. Regardless of the type of event – conference, general assembly, convention, product launch, annual meetings, fairs.
You name it. We know that it can be difficult being the one who has the complete overview and then at the same time still having to develop, run and carry out other tasks.  

This is why we’re here. To help.

Because we’ve done it many times. We have the experience and the extra resources, which you are welcome to make use of. We know what it takes to ensure a successful event. Together with you we cover all aspects of your event, ask the challenging questions and think through all of the details.

And it is entirely up to you how much help you want. Perhaps you just want help with the registration and invoicing? Or would you rather outsource the majority of the practical aspects, such as accommodation, venue and shuttles? Or do you primarily need help with developing and designing your event? Whatever you need, we’re ready to lend a hand.

But then, how much does it cost?

You can have a brown Lada from ’82 or the newest, yellow Lamborghini, but it is important that we together find the just the right “pace” that suits you and at a fair price.

Send us an informel email and tell us about your project.


Monday – Thursday 9 am – 4 pm

Friday 9 am – 3 pm

Bang Nielsen

Booking Manager

Flinthøj Møller

Project manager

Gitte Kirkegaard

Project manager

Caroline Bøgild Sommer

Project manager

OrgaNicers values

It is important to us that we can vouch for everything we do and that everyone in the team thrives. Thus, OrgaNicer has some clear, defined values that are part of our work and our approach to projects. With our values defined, we have the creativity, quality, results, close relationships and professionalism sorted. In other words – we deliver!

We deliver

This means that we create results on time that are directly transferable to your event. By having a close dialogue with you before, during and after the event, we create the calm environment that makes you safely want to leave the tasks to us.


This means that we create intelligent solutions. We never work from one template for everyone; we give your event the twist we feel it needs to create the greatest possible impression and value. We challenge phrases that start with “we usually …” and we get our inspiration from the unexpected.


This means that we always quality assure our project process based on your needs. Behind our “abstract minds”, we have some clear guidelines for project management that ensure that we always think about the relevant aspects in your specific event.


This means that you will have an appointed team that has years of experience, who work together on a daily basis and therefore know who within the team can support with the right inspiration, creativity and professional knowledge. And the atmosphere is always happy, bubbly and characterised by drive.

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