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Case: Agromek

Northern Europe’s largest agricultural fair 

For 40 years now, Agromek has been the agricultural fair that has brought together the agricultural industry, its suppliers, clients and collaboration partners. This is where the entire industry meets, networks are created, agreements are entered into, and inspiration and knowledge emerges.
Since 2012, Agromek has hired us to handle the international, invited guests as well as the coordination of travels/stays for members of the press. They normally need around 1,000 rooms a day for two days and around 300 for two days and all this preferably no more than 35-45 kilometres’ away.

What did we do?

We coordinated the travel itinerary (incl. booking of flights) for members of the press and the shuttles for all of the hotels, Jutlandic airports and MCH Vardevej, where we had to coordinate with the arrival and departure of all the foreign guests.

There were price negotiations and also the coordination of hotel rooms. They needed around 1,000 rooms a day for two days and around 300 for two days and preferably not more than 35-45 kilometres’ away.

Generally, throughout the process, there was close contact with the Agromek team, in the form of continuous status meetings, where current and future tasks were discussed, and the time schedule was updated.

We were responsible for the call centre, where we contacted the invited guests who had not yet accepted or declined their invitation.

We manned information desks every day of the fair (and also took phone calls), we were in charge of handing out nametags, tickets for the banquet for the international invited guests, and making sure that the shuttle buses were running at the correct times with the right guests.

In addition, there were also tasks like:

  • Creating a table plan for the banquet (around 1,200 participants)
  • Assistance for visa applications
  • Seating of around 1,400 guests at the banquet
  • Thorough evaluation with professional partners and Agromek after the event had ended

What worked?

The invitations that were sent out to all foreign guests and the follow-up of these in the form of reminder emails, as well as the call centre.

In addition, we had nametags printed and distributed to the fair’s participants, and we set the expectations in accordance with the requests of the guests and the exhibitors in terms of accommodation.

Again, we used our own systems (designed with Agromek’s colours and logos), which makes it easy for the exhibitors to set the topics for the guests, and for the guests to sign up and register their travel itineraries. From here, the bus company could extract updated travel lists for their timetables. 

It is a big advantage to be in such close contact with the hotels and the bus company, because in that way you can react quickly to changes, and the like.

The close contact with the Agromek team throughout the process and the fact that we had already organised the event many times, also that we know the exhibitors (and what they want) and the guests really well was a great advantage. This was also the case for the Agromek team and our professional partners.

OrgaNicer provided i.a for


Dispatch and follow-up on responses.


Of the signed up and subsequent hotel management.

Travel management

Such as visa applications.

Name tags

Print and hand outs to participants.


Transport to and from airport and between venues.

Call Center

So our partners always have help with in reach.

“Jeg har flere gange haft fornøjelsen af, at samarbejde med OrgaNicer i forbindelse med Agromek, hvor de har taget hånd om op mod 800 af messens udenlandske gæster.

Det er alt fra koordinering af shuttle-kørsel, hotelovernatninger samt assistance ved den store internationale åbningsfest.”


Sisse Merrild Nielsen, Projektleder MCH

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