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Event communication

Event webpage

A strong online presence might make the difference between success and failure for an event. Even with the extra costs associated with the construction and maintenance of a website, the work will always be worth the investment.

Dette får du bl.a. når du laver et website til din event sammen med OrgaNicer:

  • A website that matches the event or your company’s branding

  • A place to share practical information about your event

  • A beautifully presented and easily readable programme

  • Possibility of showing participant lists

  • Access for online sign-up directly via the event website

  • Responsive design that is adapted to be displayed on a computer, tablet and mobile

  • Hosting of the website and domain (12 months)

Event app

As the organiser, using an app means you can get even closer to your participants and give them more value to take home. In addition to being a sustainable alternative to a printed programme and room overview, an app allows you to connect with your participants in a more direct way.

We design a unique event app in a thoroughly tested app system, so that it corresponds to your event in both expression and content. The event app provides the organiser and the participant ample opportunity to interact.

An event app gives more value for money, as it provides:

  • A complete mobile experience on iPhone, iPad, Android

  • A common newsfeed and 1-1 conversations directly in the event app

  • Integration with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook

  • Overview of the programme, speaker presentations, handouts and participant lists

  • Opportunity to collect data on users’ behaviour

  • Opportunity to provide ad space, for example for exhibitors and sponsors.

A visible nametag with a clear name and company helps lower the natural barrier that people have of speaking with people they’ve never met before. In addition, a physical nametag might also have other practical functions at a conference. For example, with small symbols it can show which type of participant the individual is. Symbols, colour codes or other small signs that show that the participant is, for instance, a VIP participant who has access to certain areas at the conference.

When we assist you with your nametags, we also take care of:

  • Graphics setup of basic design

  • Proofreading of registrant information, including correction of names, company information, and the like

  • Printing and setup of nametags

  • Sorting of nametags, so that they can easily be distributed to the participants when they arrive at your event

Printed material

Even though the trend is going towards less printed material and more information online and via apps, there are still certain things that just work best in print.

We can help you with all printed material for your event from the graphic design to the finished printed material. It could be:

  • Nametags for your participants

  • Physical signage at the venue, possibly in the form of roll-ups

  • Printed programmes with overview of participants, for example

  • Floor maps/maps of the venue and other practical information

Social media for events

The use of social media, also called SoMe, often makes really good sense at events and professional events. Because it can be a quite effective communication and marketing channel to share relevant content and pictures via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

The management of social media before, during and after an event can easily take up a lot of your time. Or on the other hand, sometimes the task of making sure you have relevant content can get lost in the crowd of other more pressing tasks.

Examples of some SoMe tasks that we can help with for your event:

  • SoMe strategy adapted to your event

  • Selection of SoMe channels, considering the overall objective and type of participant

  • SoMe plan, including a description of the content and a specific time plan

  • Execution of SoMe plan

  • Construction of an event profile/communication channel

  • Introduction to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat with a basis in event communication

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