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Facilitation and counseling

Project management

Do you want us to handle parts of or the entire project management for your event? We’re with you all the way and can help make sure that the event reaches the objectives that were set.
You can also get help during the initial stage to make your own project plan. It is entirely up to you. And it doesn’t matter if you are planning a conference, a general assembly, a product launch, a cultural event, a fair, or a convention for researchers.

This is how we can help you with project management for your conference:

  • Planning of general deliveries and associated tasks

  • General time schedule for the event

  • Contact and continuous dialogue with collaboration partners

  • Continuous coordination meetings with you as the organiser and with partners and suppliers


Do you know how to carry out a useful evaluation of your event? One that gets around all aspects of your event and that helps you assess how things went in terms of the objectives that were set? And did you know that a good evaluation actually begins in the planning phase, long before the doors to your event are even open?

We can help with the strategic and practical parts of the evaluation, such as:

  • Setting up relevant and measurable objectives for your event

  • Planning and executing the evaluation process

  • Setting up an online evaluation form

  • Electronic messaging to the participants

  • Collecting data

Concept development

Do you have an idea for an event? If so, maybe you are lacking a good concept description; one that you can use to find professional partners, sponsors, etc.

We have produced quite a lot of concept descriptions and concept presentations. Either from scratch or based on wish lists and ideas from our clients and partners.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Develop an overall conference concept that matches your event’s desired image

  • Develop the concept based on a thorough target group description and investigation of the target group’s needs

  • Possibly hold a workshop with chosen representatives from the target group in order to get to know them better

  • Identify relevant marketing channels

  • Develop a graphic presentation of the concept description that can be used to find professional partners and sponsors

  • Or something else completely, individual plans, depending on the type of event and the purpose.

Meeting and facilitation

Designing and facilitating the guest’s experience efficiently requires a number of elements. Elements that together fulfil (or surpass) the guest’s expectations. It is your job as the host to make sure that every single one of these elements contributes positively to the guest’s experience. And how do you do that? OrgaNicer uses a so-called ‘Meetovation’ approach to design the guests’ experience.

This process of service profiling is for you if you want:

  • Better collaboration across professions

  • Better service and more skilled staff

  • A sharper corporate profile

  • Development of a new service

  • Happier clients, and more of them

  • Better collaboration partners


The budget is one of the most important financial management tools in connection with the planning of your conference. Even though you might have a good feeling of what it will take for your event to be financially successful, it might also be sensible to have the actual numbers set out in a budget, so that there are no surprises.

We will happily assist you with guidance and experience from previous events:

  • Budget management of a conference or event

  • Development of invoice

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