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Case: Planner Days

This is how we reached the goal with an app for a networking event – 

Networking means people getting together and talking face to face, which might seem to be at odds with digital communication through our small smartphone screens. Therefore, it was with careful thought, meticulousness and interpersonal communication that we made an event app for Planner Days 2019.

Planner Days is a networking event for approximately 150 passionate people from the Danish meeting industry. The participants meet every year in a new city to let themselves be professionally inspired and to network with colleagues across the business. Read more about Planner Days here.

What did we do?

First of all, we designed a very user-friendly app that was manageable, intuitive and that worked as a good little helper for the participants before, during and after the conference. Apart from containing practical hands-on information, like a personalised programme, a road map, overview of the venue, a floor plan, parking guidelines, reminders of time/place, and presentations of the speakers and a list of participants, the app was also an easy way to stay informed during the conference.

What worked?

In no way did we want to risk the communication in the app shifting the focus from the communication between the participants. This is why we didn’t allow the app to get too much attention, but we still wanted it to contribute with an added value, which was not only informative, but also practical. For example, the participants were able to see in the app who was in their meeting family (a meeting family is a group that you partner with and follow through chosen activities during the conference) and in that way they could gain security, knowledge and overview, before the participants were to meet in the group. On the app’s activity wall, the participants could share pictures and messages. For example, posts of an informal character like small outbursts of joy and social bubbles, and posts with a professional look, take-aways and important points from the various presentations and workshops. The app also had small quizzes integrated that automatically popped up, for example, when the participants were being transported from A to B, and that also provided messages and knowledge that supported conversations and the team spirit among the participants. Also, after the conference, the app contributed to the conference’s focus on networking, as it gave the participants the opportunity to easily find contact information for other participants, send messages to each other, say thanks for last time and follow up on meeting agreements.

What OrgaNicer was in charge of

Technical setup

Fuld mobil oplevelse på iPhone, iPad, Android.

News feed

Shared news feed and 1-1 conversations directly in the event app

Social media

Integration with Linkedin, Twitter og Facebook

Easy accessible info

Program, speaker presentation, participant lists, etc.

User data

Possibility of collecting data on user behavior.

Social interaction

Using polls and quizzes

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