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Case: EM Ultimate Frisbee

Managing a sports championship

OrgaNicer not only manages meetings and conferences, but also larger events like sports championships.

It was world premiere when the first frisbee was thrown at the European Championship for club teams in Ultimate in Herning on 3oth January 2020.

It was indeed a world first when the European Ultimate Federation held an indoor European Championship within the sport that is becoming increasingly more popular.

Around 600 participants in 44 teams participated in the European Championship, and there were players from 16 different countries in the sports arenas of Sportscenter Herning, and OrgaNicer was allowed to make sure that the practical and logistical elements worked.

What did we do?

The accommodation was managed via our registration systems, where our participants could choose for themselves between selected hotels. Via the association’s (EUCCI) own site, the teams could register their arrival and departure times.

The advantage of using our own registration system is that we can design them as we want to, among other things, with a tournament logo, and we can insert all the questions we want to ask.

In this case, we asked whether or not guests wanted to be picked up at the airport, if they wanted to use the shuttle service, and if they wanted to attend the party in the evening. 

Based on this information, we made transfer lists to and from the airport, and the match schedule was our reference for the shuttle schedule between the hotels and the venue.

What worked?

Our point of reference was the nametags that we often deliver for meetings and conferences, and in addition, we had special designed keyhangers printed with their tournament logo.

Participants with many different international backgrounds expressed that they were excited about the manageable shuttle plan, which was quite simple.

What OrgaNicer was in charge of


Of teams and officials


Of accreditation cards


Airport transfer and shuttle service

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